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Whether required by Code or as part of an Owner’s best practices, CARDINA can be a key asset  to ensure the project meets the Owner’s project requirements. Our staff understands and adheres to standardized protocols such as ACG Commissioning Guidelines and ASHRAE Guideline 0.


Our staff, licensed to practice in Texas and New Mexico, can assist with your mechanical and plumbing engineering needs.

Engineering & Commissioning


Constructora Lintel Corporative Offices

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City of El Paso- Lab Extension COVID Lab

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NASA Space Geodesy Satellite Laser Ranging

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Fabens Border Patrol Station Chilled Water Plant Upgrade

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Sun Metro- Montana Far East Transit Terminal

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Project:   Constructora Lintel Corporative Offices

Location:   Juarez, Mexico

Commissioning and LEED AP Services

CARDINA staff provided Commissioning and LEED® AP services for this two story building.  The offices consisted of a two story building, executive offices, management offices and open space workspaces, kitchen and break room area, security guard offices, and two conference rooms. 

Commissioning included development of Cx Plan, Owner’s Project Requirements, functional testing of split systems and VRF systems totaling 40 tons, DOAS units, General Exhaust Fans, DHW Heaters.  LEED AP Services included review and assessment of credits in PI Forms, Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Indoor Environmental Quality and Materials & Resources.  Technical assistance and knowledge was provided to meet credit requirements as well as documentation including fill out of templates and forms as well as uploading information to LEED Online. 


Project:   City of El Paso- Lab Extension COVID Lab

Location:   El Paso, TX

Commissioning Services for BSL1, BSL2 and BSL3 laboratories

In late 2020, the City of El Paso and Veliz Construction hired CARDINA to commission the City’s new and expanded laboratory facility.  The facility required the tranformation of an old manufacturing plant,retrofitted to accomdoate BSL1, BSL2 and BSL3 laboratories, office space and conference room.  The facility was conditioned with air cooled chillers, natural gas condensing boilers, dedicated outdoor air indoor air handlers,  and vektor exhaust fans, and high efficiency filtration. 

CARDINA provided coordination and management of the Cx activities including the pre-functional checklists, equipment start-up, functional testing of components, systems and final integration of DDC system controlling the HVAC, hydronic and emergency generator, UPS, and automatic transfer switch.  CARDINA’s scope of work also included preparation of the commissioning plan, maintenance of issues log, and a lessons learned workshop.

Project:   NASA Space Geodesy Satellite Laser Ranging

Location:   McDonald Geophysical Observatory                          

Commissioning Services for Mechanical and Electrical Systems

The McDonald Observatory is a leader in centers for astronomical teaching, education, outreach and astronomical research.  Located in the Davis Mountains, it hosts the Hobby-Eberly, Harlan, Otto and other telescopes, ranging from 30 to 100+inches.   

In 2019, CARDINA was asked to commission the mechanical and electrical systems for the Geodesy Satellite at the Laser Ranging Station which is operated by the University of Texas Center for Space Reearch.   The building, a pre-fabricated concrete shelter, was designed to support German technology telescope.  The mechanical systems consisted of air handling equipment, wall mounted electric heaters, and controllers for lead/lag operation of equipment.

CARDINA provided Commissioning services including the development of the commissioning plan, pre-functional forms, functional tests, maintenance of Cx Issues Log, and the commissioning report.

Project:   Fabens Border Patrol Station Chilled Water Plant Upgrade

Location:   Fabens, TX

Mechanical Engineering


Project:   Sun Metro- Montana Far East Transit Terminal

Location:   El Paso, TX

Commissioning and LEED AP Services

Commissioning of HVAC and plumbing systems for the new Sun Metro Montana Far East Transit Terminal.  The project included restrooms, a driver’s lounge, a community room, and a waiting area.

The project achieved two globes under the Green Globes Building Certification rating system.